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In. Between. Of : Kalpana Vadnagara, Ryan Riss and Aby Henry

In. Between. Of : Kalpana Vadnagara, Ryan Riss and Aby Henry

work by Aby Henry

Ritual has its roots in many cultures and religions the world over. The art world is no different in this. Kalpana Vadnagara, Ryan Riss and Aby Henry are incredibly prolific and discover their concepts through the ritual of repetitive making. This way of making opens doors-in the hands, in the mind. Tangents are taken and odd paths are walked. Things can only be excised by the repetition of making, and learning through making. Experimenting-and not being precious about their work allows them to expand upon it and examine its flaws and points of interest. It pushes a forward momentum that allows for an expansion of art and concept.


There are an infinite number of ways through which artists work through their ideas, motivations, and notions. For this show the three artists have created works to varying degrees that are again informed by repetition and following their creative processes down strange paths. The act of presenting work together continues to illuminate and reveal aspects of the creative process that are only revealed when the work exists in a space. Furthermore, this becomes a collaboration and reveals even more layers. As the layers build more reveals itself to artists and audience alike. The collaboration is thusly work that is of the artists, but also of the interaction, of the installation. The creative process never ends and through repetition it carries on infinitely.


After spending time working alongside one another Kalpana, Ryan, and Aby noticed that they have an overlapping studio practice as well as a related aesthetic. This drove the idea to see what would happen when these three artists had an in depth conversation visually when showing together. While they are all navigating different concepts- their aesthetic meshes and communicates in a similar visual light and language.

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